Frequently Asked Questions about e-cigs and e-cig refills

Any questions? Here are answers to some of the most common questions we're asked about e-cigarettes, e-liquids and vapours.

What is an electronic cigarette?

An ecig is an electrical gadget imitating a traditional cigarette, usually powered by a rechargeable lithium battery and billed as an alternative to smoking.


Why change to vaping?

E-cigs are popular with people who want to save money, improve their health or just find an alternative to smelly, smoky cigarettes.


Are electronic cigs cheaper than tobacco ones?

Yes, as much as 80% cheaper.


How does an ecig work?

The push button activates an atomiser, which heats the eliquid to deliver a vapour.


How long do the batteries last?

It depends on the ecig but they usually last anywhere between one and four months.


Can I vape anywhere or are there restrictions?

Ecigs are currently legal for use indoors, but a growing number of public places like pubs and restaurants are deciding they should be treated the same as normal cigarettes. If in doubt, it's best to ask first.


Are there fewer dangerous chemicals in eliquids?

Normal baccy contains as many as four thousand different chemical compounds including carbon monoxide and arsenic. Ecigs don't, and they also don't contain any tar.


What are eliquids made from?

Quality eliquids are made from flavouring, liquid nicotine (unless you prefer the 0% nicotine variants) plus vegetable and propylene glycol. Vegetable glycol is a plant-based carbohydrate used widely in products like toothpaste. Propylene glycol is colourless and almost odourless, widely used as a food additive.


Does vaping feel like smoking?

Yes. The vapour feels and tastes just like the smoke from a normal cigarette. But it's more or less odour-free and any smell disappears in seconds... unlike tobacco smoke, which lingers for ages in your hair, in the air, on your skin and clothes.


Is vaping meant to help you stop smoking?

Ecigs are not marketed as nicotine replacement therapy but a growing number of vapers are 'smoking' electronic cigarettes instead of the real thing.


What if my ecig tank is empty?

Never vape on an empty tank you might burn out your atomiser. Don't over-fill it either, since while the eliquids we sell smell great and vape beautifully, they're not designed for eating. They taste nasty!


What about changing vape flavours?

You can add a new flavour without cleaning the tank it takes no time for the original flavour to burn off in favour of the new one. If you prefer you can rinse the tank with hot water and let it dry naturally before re-filling with a new flavour.


Have we answered your questions?

If you have a question we haven't answered here, get in touch and we'll answer your question and add it to
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