Over the last 13 years Mark Spolander and the team at has worked with leading business and marketing consultants to to develop a highly profitable and efficient business. Having established its operational base from a shop in Oxford, Cartridge UK has been approached by several individuals keen to replicate that success elsewhere in the country.

Cartridge UK’s first franchisee (Nigel & Teresa Brookes) opened in November 2007. Cartridge UK will be growing its franchised branch network in a measured fashion, to ensure it sets industry-leading standards of backing and support for its franchise business partners.

For Mark it is not about the quantity but rather the quality of the franchisees. Cartridge UK truly believes that the success of their franchisees is the first priority. As Mark explains,

“There are many franchises out there offering all sorts of things. I am convinced that the success of any franchise system lies within the franchisees. By helping them achieve their goals and success first, we will automatically ensure Cartridge UK’s ongoing success.”

Franchisee’s Story

Nigel & Teresa Brookes, Witney

After meeting Mark Spolander at a networking meeting in Oxford it was an easy decision for my wife and I to join Cartridge UK as their first franchisee. The hardest part was finding suitable premises in a good location. It is imperative to have a good central location to help with retail sales. Mark was on hand throughout the whole process and was always available to answer any questions that arose.
We opened the shop in Witney on 5th November 2007 and sales gradually increased to a comfortable level. The training provided stood my wife and I in good stead for what was to come. Initially there appeared to be a lot to learn, but once trading, I was surprised as to how quickly our knowledge base built up. When questions do arise either Mark or one of his staff in Oxford are available to answer these and solve technical queries quickly. The Cartridge UK brand is easily recognisable and the assurance of quality and emphasis on customer service is paramount to establishing good relationships with your customers. I would recommend Cartridge UK to anyone who would like to run their own business and be part of successful team.


To register your interest as a potential Cartridge UK franchisee please contact us on 01993 772400 or email us.

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